Ever since April of 2019 when the SPS was first introduced we never really got into the reasons behind the need for it, nor did we discuss the benefits, for that matter. Well, today is the day we address all of that and more…

I. What is the SPS?

The Abrites Support Plan Service (SPS) is an annual license which allows you to get access to our ticketing system where you can contact us in order to be able to contact us with any technical questions or issues you may face during your work with AVDI by logging into the ticketing system and opening a new ticket for us to resolve. The goal of our Support team once a new ticket is opened, is to read, understand and analyse the issue you are facing and then provide a solution for you as quickly as possible. Our response time is strict and it is a maximum of 24 hours since the initial opening of the ticket, considering working hours. Normally, during the workday you would get a reply within an hour of opening the ticket. Most tickets are of the so called “First time fix” type, meaning that we will provide you with a resolution or a possible fix or workaround with our first reply given that you have given presented us enough information to build a clear picture of the exact issue you are experiencing.

II. Why have SPS?

Abrites has a very compact support team and we take great pride in our work. We want to be able to keep providing this service with the quality we have and build on that. We do not outsource our support to other companies, as the work we do is very specific. Support for Abrites products is received via us directly or the partner responsible for your interface. Although we believe this is an efficient system, we are also working on improving it, for which we need the proper tool. Our ticketing system is this exact tool because:

- We can easily trace problems customers face in it. We can find any issue a certain customer has had through the years, and we can also group issues from more than one customer, in case we have an outage of any sort.

- We can gather statistics on common issues our customers are facing and we can resolve them. This makes our product better because using the ticketing system we have actual, measurable values of our work, what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong, so that we can be better for our customers.

- We can involve the developers in the discussions, problems people face when using the products they developed. I cannot tell you how many times developers have simplified one or another function just based on somebody recommending a simpler solution to a procedure or reported a small issue impeding their work.

All in the ticketing system brings nothing but benefits for all parties involved, such as better service and closer contact to the creators of the tool you work with. We, on the other hand get a better feedback, which allows us to sort and improve on the problems you have and make AVDI and the software better.

III. Where
It is clear that the SPS has many benefits for everyone involved. Our ticketing system allows a structured, traceable conversations, as well as attachment of files, for example we can even attach videos where we test your case exactly so that we can replicate your situation. No more endless email treads, no more confusing searches, no more wasting time – straight to the point problem solving and a great chance to eradicate our “Bad habits” as Ed Sheeran said. You can still contact the email for feedback on the Abrites products you use, and we will utilise this information for the greater good by improving our service.
Besides, the SPS is FREE for the first year of AVDI ownership and after that it only costs 150 EURO per year from then on. Be sure that your money goes a long way when you spend it on SPS, because it allows us to get better as a team and create a better product for you. Isn’t that the only goal worth fighting for at the end of the day – better products, more satisfied customers.
You are what matters to us and now you have the power to help us deliver something more.

Get the SPS via the online shop or contact your Abrites Dealer.